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    Tania is a very beautiful, stunning escort girl. She is willing to play with you all kinds of play roles. She is a lovely kisser, and she knows what means a hot oral. Splendid, Tania is a naturally dominant girl who likes a man who knows what he wants. She enjoys playing power games in and out of the bedroom. She is also very fond of dining out in fine restaurants. Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Escorts. ???????????? “I think all relationships are about power,” admits Tania. “They are about who has it, who wants it, and who wants to give it up. That’s what I like about being a dominant girl. When I’m with a man, I like it when he’ll voluntarily give up his power to me. When he lets me know that I can be charged for a little while, especially if that’s in the bedroom where things can really heat up, I like being the one who’s in the driver’s seat. What the ball’s in my corner, I can really show him what I know. I can push him on to real heights and see how he responds. And if the two of us respond really well together, then we both know that a good thing is in store. Is electric heat and energy between us, and it’s going to turn us both on and get us all wired up and ready.” ???????????? Tania admits that she enjoys light bondage. “I don’t want to say that it’s full-on fifty shades or whatever,” she admits, “but yes, I like a little light bondage. I like being able to play around with someone, toy at imprisoning them or even be tied up myself. I may be naturally dominant, but I know a kinky good time when I see one. Not only that, but I like to play around and really get down and dirty with somebody. The more you can play and explore, the more you can really take a long hard look into your own sexuality and see what makes you tick, the better off you will be. Not enough people take the time to journey into self-discovery like that. It’s really a shame, honestly. We all need to get in touch with ourselves if we’re going to be really fulfilled, both personally and romantically. You can’t love anybody else until you can love yourself.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Escorted. ????????????
    Age: 23
    Height: 167
    Weight: 53
    Tits: 3