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    Exquisite Selena loves to spend her time at nightclubs dancing the night away. She also enjoys camping and any activity that lets her get back to nature and “disconnect” from the technological world. She plays tennis and likes to spend as much time naked as she possibly can, often admiring herself in a full-length mirror in her apartment. Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Call girls. “We don’t disconnect as often as we should,” Selena explains. “We lead lives surrounded by sanitized technology. We walk around on carpet and concrete and asphalt. We drive around in boxes made of steel and glass. Furthermore, we’re as disconnected as we could possibly be from the Earth and the world that gave us life. The things we use most often, like phones and tablets and computers, are exciting and entertaining, but they’re dead machines. They’re inanimate objects that have no life to them. I think human beings were meant to surround themselves with life, and once, when we lived closer to the Earth, we absolutely were. Now we spend as much time and effort as possible building walls to keep the rest of the world out. That’s not a bad thing, and I’m not saying we should all start living in caves or in the forest. I’m just saying that because we live in this modern world, we should force ourselves to disconnect from it now and then, get that peace and quiet that we’re missing.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Entertainment.
    Age: 25
    Height: 172
    Weight: 54
    Tits: 4