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    Gorgeous Marbel is a “clothes horse” who spends a lot of time searching for the perfect outfit. She also enjoys sewing and making her own clothes. She is very much into astrology and believes that the secret to all our lives can be found in our stars. She is an amateur painter, too. Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Entertainment “The thing about women’s clothes,” says Marbel, “is that you just never know how they’re going to fit when you buy them off the rack. Unless you are willing to go to a tailor and have custom clothes made, you’re always facing an unknown factor. So when you buy something that you think is your size, what fits in one store doesn’t fit in another. One brand and another brand that are the same size never fit the same. And even if the general size is correct, every woman’s body is shaped a little differently and proportioned a little differently. So women who wear the same size can’t wear the same dress or blouse or pants the same way. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find clothes that actually fit well. So I spend a lot of time hoping to achieve just that.” ????????????✨✨✨???????????? What she means by “fitting well” is where everything comes together, according to Marbel. “When I put on a dress, or a pair of pants, or a blouse, I want it to be as hot and sexy as possible,” she says. “That means that I want it to feel painted on. I want it to cling to me like a second skin. To achieve that kind of fit off the rack isn’t easy. My body is incredible, and men like looking at it. They like looking at me in tight-fitting clothes because they can picture what I look like naked, and they can think about the filthy things they would like to do with me. I don’t mind that at all. Being the star of somebody’s fantasies is incredibly flattering. Can you imagine someone telling you they are picturing being with you intimately? It’s such a turn on. Even if it isn’t someone you could ever see yourself being with, even if you think it could never work out, it’s amazing when you are told that somebody wants that with you. It makes you feel like such a great and powerful person.” ????????????✨✨✨???????????? Marbel goes on, “It’s possible, if you work at it long enough, to find clothes that fit your body exactly right. Curves like mine need to be treated well and respected to get the most out of them. I’m proud of my incredibly sexy shape, and men really like it. But sometimes you just can’t get the fit that you want. That’s why I took up sewing my own clothes. When I make my own clothing, I can make them as sexy and hot as I want to. I can even alter patterns to suit me better, make something shorter or tighter, so I’m showing off as much skin as I can, or I’m getting things as tight as possible.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Girls. Marbel’s love of tight clothing has made her what she calls a “yoga pants queen.” She adds, laughing, “I admit it. I love wearing yoga pants. Men love them too. I wear them as tight as I can get them, and when I bend over, there isn’t a man around who isn’t watching every move I make. The attention makes me feel good. But more importantly, it also makes me feel like a woman. You will never feel more feminine than when a man is looking you up and down.”
    Age: 24
    Height: 170
    Weight: 56
    Tits: 4