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    Sizzling Karina is one of our most popular escorts. She is known for her fabulous body and she holds her profession in high regard, as it enables her to cut loose as often as she would like. She does both nude and tantric yoga and enjoys a clothing-optional lifestyle. Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Callgirls. “People have a lot of misconceptions about the clothing-optional lifestyle,” Karina explains. “Deep down, it’s really just about like your body, and about enjoying comfort. Don’t get me wrong. I really like dressing up in sexy clothes. But when you have a body like mine, the sexiest outfit is often no clothes at all. I think it would be silly to pretend otherwise. Wouldn’t it? I mean, look at me. If you looked like this, would you want to cover up what you’ve got, or would you want to show it off? I think being sexy, being hot, is its own reward. But when you can share that sexiness with someone else, that’s even better.” Karina explains that she likes to spend time naked at home because she enjoys admiring her own form. “The moment I get home, I like to strip off all my clothes,” she says. “I just leave a trail of underwear and whatever else I’m wearing from the front door into the living room. Then I spend some time just sitting on the couch, running my hands over my body, rubbing out the cares of the day. I like to stay very much in touch with myself. When I’m exploring my own body, I feel like I’m putting the time in to stay in touch with who I am, and if there’s something that needs attention, I know I can focus my work-out on that area the next time.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Callgirls. As for the party lifestyle of a Chicago escort, Karina wouldn’t have it any other way. “I can’t imagine trying to hold down a desk job,” she explains. “I’m a naughty, fun, flirty, sexy girl, and I need to be able to party and cut loose. Doing this job, which lets me party every day, is the only way I can be completely fulfilled. I think if I did anything else, I would spend every day waiting for it to be over, and that’s no way to live your life. You can’t just waste all that time and expect ever to be anything you want to be. You have to seize the lifestyle you want to live in. You know that old saying if you were to die today, how would you spend your last twenty-four hours? Well, if you can answer that by saying anything other than what you already spend your days doing, you aren’t living fulfilled. You aren’t embracing what you want to embrace.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Dating Service. Yoga is another way that Karina expresses herself. “Yoga is a way of strengthening your core while also working on your flexibility,” she says, “but it’s much more than that. When you do yoga, you’re learning your own body. You’re staying in tune with what makes you move, and learning where the limits of your motion are. That’s why tantric yoga, which fuses sex and yoga, is so fulfilling. You’re actually just kind of doing both, and one is fueling the other, feeding the other. You’re pushing your limits but you’re also experiencing sexual pleasure. It’s actually a pretty mind-blowing experience.” Karina goes on, “When I first go into yoga, I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Now, I don’t feel normal until I’ve done my exercises. I need to be in touch with myself. I need to be centered.”
    Age: 23
    Height: 168
    Weight: 56
    Tits: 5