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    “I think the best thing you can do in the world is help people,” Eduarda says. “When you think about it, that’s really the only gift you can give to yourself that really means much. You can spend money on people, sure. You can give them presents. But those are things they can’t take with them when they leave this world. A present you get today could be sitting on a table at a garage sale tomorrow. But when you can give someone the gift of caring about them, when you can show them that there are people in the world who really do care about their well-being, then you give them something that they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Call girls. ??? Eduarda goes on, “You give them the gifts of hope and faith when you do a kindness for someone. Think about all those times you were really down on the world and the people in it… and then someone did a random act of kindness for you. That reaffirms your faith in your fellow human beings and also brightens your day. I think that’s very special. It’s a wonderful gift that doesn’t cost you much time or effort to give, but which can completely change the world for the person you give it to, and it stays with them forever and ever in their memories.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Entertainment. ???????????? Helping people goes beyond volunteering, however, Eduarda explains. “There’s another kind of help that you can give people, particularly men,” she says. “That help is being beautiful. Being sexy is actually a gift you can give to the world and the men in it. That’s because men, straight men anyway, naturally want to be close to pretty women. They get real pleasure out of it. Think about how, as a guy, when you go through your day, seeing a really hot girl in a tight pair of yoga pants, or bending over, so you can see her thong, brightens your whole day for a while. We just appreciate beauty. You guys, you know you tip better if the waitress is really hot. It’s a natural reaction. It’s why men go to strip clubs. They just love to see hot women, and they enjoy being near them.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Dating Services. Eduarda continues, “Well, the way I see it, being a hot girl is a gift I can give to the world. Any man who sees me can enjoy me, and I’m improving his day by being sexy. I like that I have the power to do that. Not everybody gets that chance. Sure, there’s hard work involved in working out your body and staying in shape and tight, but some women are born with bad genetics and just never get to that point. They just don’t win the lottery from birth. So those of us who are lucky enough to be hot, I think we have a very special responsibility. We need to be as attractive as we can for as long as we can, while we’re young and in the prime of our hotness. The surrounding men who see it, they will appreciate it and their lives will be better. Everywhere we go, we’re improving the world a little, for just a little while. Not everybody can make that claim. But I can.” Chicago Escorts | Chicago Escort | Chicago Girls. ❤❤❤ CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
    Age: 25
    Height: 168
    Weight: 58
    Tits: 5