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    Ravishing Catherine is a bisexual girl who likes to run to stay fit. She was previously a gymnast. In her spare time, she enjoys a variety of quiet activities, like crafts and scrapbooking.
    “My bisexuality is very serious,” Catherine says. “I’m not one of those girls who treat it like a gimmick. I know that in our industry there are girls who will play at being bisexual because they know that every guy has this fantasy of seeing two hot girls together. If you can make a guy think there’s some chance he’ll get to see that or, even better, that he’ll get to get in on it, well, sure, you’ve gotten his attention, and you can string him along. But when these pretend bisexuals get down to business, well, things don’t go like they picture it. I think you’re doing everybody a disservice when you do that. I would never treat my clients with that kind of disrespect. Furthermore, I would never try to sell them something, some promise of a future relationship, that can’t and won’t work out. What we do is not a guarantee of anything except companionship. But still. When you imply that things might happen that never will, that’s false advertising. It’s not how we do business here.”
    Catherine’s bisexuality is very much a big part of what she thinks when she considers what is attractive to her. “It’s one thing to really enjoy a man’s body,” she says. “I definitely do. I love how hard and strong men can be, how masculine their just natural scent is. I really love it when a man holds me close when I can feel his power. To be kind of dominated by a man like that, to know he can do what he wants, and I can’t get away, but also that I can trust him, and he’s only going to be kind to me, is very special and very sweet. I love that feeling. It turns me on a lot.” Catherine goes on, “Women, though… hot women, are such a turn on too. A really attractive woman can teach you think about yourself. When I press my naked body up against another woman’s naked body, something like a spark of electricity passes between us. Being close to a woman, feeling how soft and supple her body and her lips are on my body and on my mouth, is one of the hottest things in the world. I don’t think I could choose between them. I don’t think I would ever want to. Being a modern, liberated woman means you don’t have to choose those things, I guess. You can just enjoy yourself. You can just be who you are and enjoy what you enjoy, and whatever turns you on is what revs you up and ignites your passion.” Catherine believes passion is very important to living your life. “If you don’t have passion,” she says, “you might as well not be alive. What’s the point if you’re not going to grab everything you want with passion and excitement? You need to believe strongly in what you are doing. You need to be the best, most dynamic version of yourself that you can be. Passion is required for you to fulfill that mission. I don’t think I could get up out of bed every morning if I wasn’t excited about how I was going to spend my day. It’s wonderful, to live the professional and personal lives that I do. I have an endless supply of hot women and attractive, interesting men to talk to and learn about.”
    Age: 25
    Height: 168
    Weight: 56
    Tits: 4