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    Lovely Bojana is an adventurous girl who is very fond of casino gambling. She is also an amateur digital photographer. She stays in shape by running and bicycling, and admits that she has a taste for lingerie and various sexy costumes. Halloween is her favorite time of year. “I think what I like most about Halloween is that when you dress up in costume, you can be anyone you want,” she says. “Very few times in our lives are we afforded the chance to be completely free, to adopt any identity that we like. When Halloween comes around, it’s almost expected that you’ll be someone else, and when you choose that identity, it can be anything. It doesn’t have to be serious, but it could be. It doesn’t have to possess great meaning, but it might. When you become someone else when you adopt that new identity, for a little while, you’ve got a clean slate and all your fantasies can come true. I think that’s what makes dressing up in costume so much fun, and I think that is why people like it so much, at Halloween and all around the year.” One of the things Bojana really enjoys, therefore, is dressing up in lingerie and different naughty costumes. “To me,” she says, “cos playing in lingerie is the best result of both dressing up and getting down. I really like not only being able to adopt a new identity, but doing it in a way that lets me explore my sexuality. I think when you get sexy and dress up in lingerie, you’re already adopting a role, of sorts. You’re declaring yourself a sexual being who wants to be loved and enjoyed. So when your man sees you in that lingerie, when he enjoys your body, when he unwraps this gift-wrapped present that you are in your lingerie, he’s helping you explore that new identity. He’s sort of party to the process. I think that brings people closer together and is just really sexy and fun. I think it’s great.” Bojana’s other love is casino gambling. She loves the casino atmosphere, even though she knows it is designed to separate her from her money. “I think it’s okay to like gambling and to enjoy going to casinos,” she says, “as long as you understand the system is designed to work against you. I mean, they don’t make casinos lose money. You know that on average, they have to be making more money in that they are paying out. That means that just by math, on any given day you have a better chance of losing than of winning. But I enjoy it anyway. I really like an adventure.” That adventure, according to Bojana, lies in knowing that everything can change in an instant. “The thing about gambling, especially when it’s like a high-stakes jackpot, is that in just a moment, everything you take for granted can be different,” she says. “In a single hand, in a single roll of a wheel, in the single pull of a lever, suddenly, you can have so much money that it actually changes your life. So few people make big changes in their lives. Have you ever known anybody who really did? I haven’t. I think it’s a lot harder to just change your life than most people think. So you need that push. You need something to kind of roll you down that hill, so you pick up momentum, right? And gambling, no matter how low the chances, can do that for you. This is just really very exciting for me.”
    Age: 23
    Height: 167
    Weight: 55
    Tits: 4