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    Delightful Belinda is a flirty, fun, adventurous girl who enjoys role play and stays in shape by mountain biking. She is happiest when she is socializing with her neighbors and friends. She really enjoys dressing up in lingerie. “I’m just a naturally flirty person,” Belinda admits. “I love to meet new people, get close to them, get them to open up to me, and learn their most intimate secrets. I don’t think there’s anything better than when someone opens up to you, especially if they become close enough to you to share their deepest desires. We all have fantasies and we all have things that make us special, things we don’t always want to share with just anyone. A man who is willing to give that of himself, that’s a very special thing. It helps you to make a much stronger connection with him, and when you connect with someone, the possibilities for where it can go are endless.” Of flirting, Belinda says that she likes being able to test herself as a woman. “I know I’m an attractive woman,” she says. “I know I have a nice body. But there’s more to flirting with someone than just looking good or dressing sexy. Plenty of men are taken by a pretty girl just off the bat, but there are other men who take more to impress. They don’t just jump at the first tight skirt they see. They’re a little more worldly. To flirt with someone like that takes a little more skill. You’ve got to be able to show your interest without showing too much. You know you don’t want to come across as needy or desperate. That turns off a confident man. So you learn to show him just how much you like yourself and your body, and kind of entice him with that. You give him an opening and see if he steps through.” Among the tips and tricks of the flirting trade, Belinda explains, are being able to hint at delights to come without being too obvious. “You don’t just walk up to a man and tell him to take you home to bed,” she says. “That’s not flirting. It’s throwing yourself at someone and that’s a turn off for a lot of confident guys. I mean, sure, there are men who respond to that, but there are a lot more who don’t, and you don’t want to blow it with a bad first impression.” Belinda goes on, “The first move is to take your tongue and run it along your lips. That gets him thinking about a couple of things, like your tongue and your lips, and what they can do when you’re sufficiently motivated. But you’ve got to be able to move your body a certain way, too. You want to be really comfortable in your skin and be able to kind of move it the sexiest way possible. Dancing is one good example, but you’ve got to be able to kind of feel yourself up while you’re just standing there. It has to be subtle. You want him watching you wondering if anybody else is noticing. You want him kind of hypnotized by your sexiness.” Her social nature is what makes Belinda special, she says. “I love people,” she explains, “and so when I get to be close to a new person, it’s the best thing ever for me. It makes me happy. Every day I look forward to my job, and to my new assignments. It’s a joy to be able to bounce out of bed every morning with that attitude.”
    Age: 22
    Height: 169
    Weight: 54
    Tits: 4